Tahvo Darkclaw



He finally found himself in Sapphire port, an Elven land. Many there were amused and surprised to see Tahvo and he found himself in many scraps, one of these almost went horribly for Tahvo when his opponent had friends. Tahvo got surprised and almost lost his eye In the process. Now with one white eye and one brown and a big scar he stands out even more.

During his time in Sapphire Port, he also found a dodgy bar he started to call home base, the Hunching Hermit, owned by a peculiar elf named Jingyi Windwalker.

Jingyi became on of Tahvo’s most trusted allies, friends being too strong of a word, but also Tahvo’s boss after Tahvo threw out 15 people for starting a brawl in the bar. Tahvo now proudly works as a bouncer, and is not one to back down from a fight, even if he is out-numbered.

Tahvo Darkclaw

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