Merovia has seen its heroes rise and fall, it’s gods’ and avatars’ moralities revealed, and its secrets laid bare for the world to see. 400 hundred years ago, a band of the most unlikely of allies sought to the disassembly and erasure of a device capable of plunging the world into eternal darkness and perversion. This device was concocted by professors of the Arcane and a large investigation began in post.

The study which spanned 138 years was known as the “Unified Planar Study of Composition” or UPSC. An international team of researchers comprised of Elves, Dwarves, and Serpentes saw to the study of the neighboring planes and their connection with Arcane magic. Empirical evidence was found to support the idea that the planes that arcane mages drew power from were not infinite; as they were originally thought to be.

In the years that followed, only fragments of the study were released to the public. The world governments decided that removing Arcane magic as a resource would have devastating consequences on the world’s economy and current technologies and therefore kept this a secret.

However, like most secrets, this too was leaked to the populace. Anger directed at world leaders and fear of their reliance on the arcane led to the uprising of the people in many nations and a worldwide civil war began pitting arcane mages against the world. This 4-year long war became known as the “The Great War” and “The Erasure”. All schools of arcane wizardry were destroyed and most books of arcane knowledge were either burned, destroyed by divine weapons, or hidden away. It’s practitioners dispersed and joined into smaller factions of outlaws.

With the loss of Arcane magic, this required the world to move into a new era of technology. For the next few hundred years, technological advances improved faster than anyone had expected. Passing from an age of sailing vessels and carts to an era of combustion engines, information technology, and automatons.

Rogue mages have survived like rats until now. With the rise of the Digital Age, mages have crept back out into the world. The number of sorcerers of the current generation has been surprisingly high. These gangs of unregulated sorcerers have become a rising issue as they fight for their right to live. Sorcerers are conduits of energy directly from the planes and are therefore designated by the planes. Laws went into effect to regulate these practices, but many mages are still killed on sight. Should we ostracize these mages? Or listen to them? The shroud of apostasy is thick with fear…

- Clive Guggen, The War on the Arcane

Merovia’s medieval past can be seen HERE.


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